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Author Acknowledgements for Bible Basics

It is the prerogative and indulgence of every author who actually manages to publish something to be able to put acknowledgements in the book. Alas, with a board book, this is nearly impossible so the acknowledgements for Bible Basics will reside here. 

First - thank you to the fabulous individuals who backed the Bible Basics Kickstarter campaign. Publication would have been totally impossible without your support! 

Thank you to the many friends and family members who have supported and encouraged this project from a seed idea to an actual book-in-hand, especially: Joanna, Angela, Brooks & Andrea, KC, Abri, Mom & Dad, Kris & Cliff, Danielle & Andrew, Eli, Shannon & Dru, Brian & Christina, Dean & Mary Ellen, and my family at Church of the Ascension. Thank you for brainstorming with me, being my test audience, looking at many iterations of the art, taking my book-price poll, and being excited with me through the course of this project.

A huge thank you to Dave Martina (Martina Brand Therapy) for your tireless work at weird hours to help me polish (and polish and polish) and shine (and shine and shine) this endeavor. In addition to being great at your job, you’re also a good friend, for which I’m extremely grateful.

Special thanks to Dana & Andrew for your encouragement and your awesome editing work, especially keeping me from (unintentional) heresy and correcting the Hebrew.

Very special thanks to Jonathan & Ashley – dear friends, where would this book be without you? For asking me the question sparked the idea for the Baby Believer Primers - I’m ever grateful. For tirelessly listening to my trials and tribulations as I navigated the world of self-publishing – I’m ever grateful. For copy-editing the book thoroughly, giving me sound business and financial advice, and providing endless words of encouragement, I’m beyond ever grateful. I’m not sure this book would have made it without you.

Dear Jess (Jessica Blanchard) - thank you for seeing the value of Bible Basics, for trusting me to steward it, and for taking a risk with me to make it happen. You are God’s great provision for this work, and I’m so very grateful to you for your creative energy, your thoughtfulness, your incredible eye for beauty, your love for your children, and your endless patience. (Many thanks to Seth and your kiddos as well!)

Most of all, many many (many many many many) thanks to my husband, Nathan, for your unfailing support of Bible Basics from “Hey, what do you think of this idea to maybe write some books?” to excitedly holding the first hard copy in your hand – I could not have done this without your encouragement, your edits, your excitement, your ideas, and your willingness to go all-in with me. I am overwhelmingly grateful for your listening ear, heartening words, ready hugs, and unwavering belief in the value of this project.