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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy First Bible Basics?

You can order a copy of the book on our website. It's also for sale on many other website across the internet, including Amazon, Christian Book Distributers, Barnes and Noble, Lifeway, and more! For brick and mortar locations, whether or not you can buy it largely depends on your store and your region. We recommend you call your local retailer in advance to see if they carry it. 

All of the inside content of the first edition - Bible Basics - is exactly the same in the second edition - First Bible Basics. The biggest change is the shift in the title. To accommodate the title change, the cover design has been altered a bit. Additionally the back cover now reflects that First Bible Basics is being published by Harvest Kids - a division of Harvest House Publishing.  None of the changes affect what you've come to know and love about the book. 

What is different about First Bible Basics compared to the first edition?

Will there be more Baby Believer Primers?

Yes! Jessica Blanchard and Danielle Hitchen are currently working on three more Baby Believer Primers which will be released in the winter and fall of 2018 as Harvest House titles. 

You can learn more about our second book, Psalms of Praise: A Movement Primer, here. Psalms of Praise will be released in February 2018. 

Currently, our website is not set up to process international orders. However, we can set up a special order for you and ship it internationally. Please contact us through the form on the contact us page and we will get that process started for you.

Do you ship books internationally?

Do you offer a Spanish language edition of Bible Basics?

We do not currently offer a Spanish edition of Bible Basics nor is one in the works. We do hope, however, to be able to offer a Spanish language edition in the not-too-distant future. 

No. Bible Basics is "merely Christian" and presents foundational beliefs of the Christian faith which are held in common by all Christian traditions. You can read our statement of faith here. One small complaint we've received from a handful of Catholic readers is that the "10 Commandments" are the traditional Protestant numbering. 

Is Bible Basics for a specific denomination?

Yes. An image of Jesus is featured on spread 2, "2 Natures of the Jesus" pictured here:

Does Bible Basics feature any images of Jesus?


Sure. Feel free to send your thoughts to us via the contact us page.

Are you taking suggestions for future books?